kamer verwerpt motie

Volgens extreem rechtse websites zou minister Rosenthal de SGP/CU motie waarin de ‘ractische aanvallen’ op Afrikaner boeren werd afgekeurd ‘omhelzen.’ Achter deze onzinnige oproep moet een diep verlangen naar het herstel van de blanke stamverwantschap tussen Afrikaner boeren en blanke Nederlanders schuilgaan. De wens om terug te keren naar de apartheid getuigt van een totaal gebrek aan werkelijkheidszin. Ze is er echter niet minder gevaarlijk om. Nog steeds zijn blanke terreurgroepen in Zuid-Afrikaa actief. Ze voelen zich gesteund door de mannenbroeders van SGP, CU en PVV. Gisteren werd de motie door een meerderheid van de Kamer, inclusief de VVD, afgewezen.

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  1. Bart, see if you can make an intelligent comment about the following website http://farmitracker.com.
    It depicts the murder-rape-and-mutilation campaign against Afrikaners by the black population.
    These mutilations are only present in either a war, or a genocide, -….and in the lives of Afrikaners.
    How do you rationalize that away?
    All these murders of Afrikaners was done by the black population. How do you explain that?
    A game? Hunger?
    I want to play, and I am hungry, can you come over for dinner?

  2. Dear Sir,

    Your short opinion piece above left me with a feeling of disgust mixed with amazement. In labelling those who supported the motion as “extreme right” you immediately seek to delegitimise their most worthy cause by employing amateurish labelling techniques, which to any informed reader will immediately sound the alarm bells ringing with the ominous sound of a man trying to shoot at his enemy without any real bullets in his gun. Talking about bullets, how dare you try and shift the focus from those in peril to fringe groups within the Afrikaner establishment? How dare you brush over the fact that thousands have been slaughtered and raped like animals and commodities, such as the 2 year old little Willimien Potgieter, shot execution style through her head? How dare you? I wish the Afrikaner establishment to invite you to a short stay on one of their besieged farms, and how you would fare for a night or two in conditions they have to manage night for night. You bet your bottom dollar sir, that you wouldn’t last two hours! The only reason for your apparent insanity must be that you helped those in power in South Africa to where they are today, and seeing them fail miserably at their mandate, can’t find the man inside yourself to stand up and say “perhaps I made a mistake”, or, “perhaps we should have handled things differently”. Wipe the pie of your face dear sir, and go and scare some more schoolchildren with your “extreme right” boogie man stories. Pathetic!

  3. Calvin & Pieter, I couldn’t have said it better! The extreme right element in South Africa have anihilitated themselves from the majority of the Afrikaners in South Africa. Just the comment that we wish to go back to apartheid shows the ignorance of the propaganda-fed international community. I sure wish they accept invitations to go visit and experience what the normal people experience and not what they would be made to believe on state visits (with loads of security for protection). I guess thanking you for delivering our people to the slaughter-house which SA has become, is in order (sarcasm). Now you have blood on your hands too.

  4. “De wens om terug te keren naar de apartheid getuigt van een totaal gebrek aan werkelijkheidszin.”

    Kletskoek van een geestverblinde apartheids(goed)gelovige. Open uw ogen en durf te zien wat in werkelijkheid gebeurt!

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