Evita’s recept voor verzoening


 6 dry apricots
 6 dry apple rings
 125ml seedless raisins
 cold black tea, orange juice or water
 2 large onions cut into slices
 200ml boiling water
 25ml cooking oil
 15ml curry powder
 10ml turmeric
 1kg minced beef
 2 thick slices old white bread, crumbed
 50ml vinegar
 salt and pepper
 2 eggs
 125ml milk
 fresh lemon leaves (optional)

 1. Soak the apricots, apple rings and raisins in a bit of cold black tea
 for a while 2. Drain the fruit, halve the apricots and cut apple rings
 in pieces 3. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C (350 degrees F) 4. Grease the
 ovenproof dish well 5. Boil onions in water till soft 6. Add cooking oil
 and fry onions lightly 7. Add curry powder and turmeric and fry lightly
 8. Add minced meat, breadcrumbs, vinegar, salt, pepper and soaked fruit,
 then mix lightly with a large fork 9. Leave mixture to simmer; stir
 slightly 10. Place mixture in ovenproof dish 11. Beat eggs and milk
 together and pour over mixture 12. Fold the lemon leaves into triangles
 and push them into the mixture here and there 13. Bake bobotie on the
 middle rack for 45 minutes, or until the egg custard has set 14. Serve
 hot, starting with the President and work your way to the left

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