Black life priced at 75 000 euro

Julius Malema is a pretty unpleasant person. My strong feeling is that his revolutionary sloganism increases with the financial provisions he makes from government tenders being awarded to his friends.
But Malema is right when he points at white power still hidden in corporate Board rooms, the judiciary, some media houses and land ownership.
Recently, former ANC guerrilla Robert McBride was sentenced two years for drunken driving (he did not cause any casualty) and three years for lying about the number of drinks he had.
In the same week ‘Bees’ Roux, a white rugby player who killed a black policeman was sentenced a fine of 750 000 Rand, roughly 75 000 euro, and walked free.
We now know the value of a black life. When you can afford you can avoid prison.

Zuma will most likely succeed in sidelining Malema, and rightly. But new Malemas will stand up as long as black people’s sense of justice will be undermined by ‘white’ verdicts.

2 thoughts on “Black life priced at 75 000 euro”

  1. Not to take away from anything being said in this article, I must point out that the R 750 000 payment by Roux was a settlement and not a sentence. The victims family accepted the payment for dropping the charges. What’s worse is that Roux not only gets away with murder but has an unblemished record so that in future he gets away with it again!

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