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Johannesburg Lovesong

Image: Mikhael Subotzky. From his book ‘Ponte City’

At the beginning of October 1990, I arrived in Johannesburg for the first time. After months of nagging, the South African embassy had issued me a visa. I had never bridged such a distance flying. I was extremely nervous. Changing flights in Rome, I found myself amongst a herd of Afrikaners singing Sari Mareis. Then the airplane took us back to the old Transvaal. Upon arrival the sign Verbeteringe in Wording – Under Construction – struck me. Next to a display of weapons. A visitor’s guide to How To Recognize a Terrorist?

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Ponte City

Today it seems ages ago but memories about the 8 years I resided in Yeoville, Johannesburg, are still extremely vivid. Mikhail Subotzky’s picture below shows the hill I looked at from my balcony. Last night Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse won the prestigious Deutsche Borse Prize for their book on Ponte City, the building at the left side of the picture. Thanks for keeping the dream alive!